Hero Points

Is this normal? Total needed hero points is 100million?

yes, that is normal. the Accomplished Perk speeds up the process of getting Experience for Heroic Levels by reducing the requirements to finish Feats by 25%.

you only have 2 more Levels to go, you are doing great!

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Oh I see, thanks. Need to grind more I think.

look at the Feats and how much Hero Experience you get for completing each one multiplied by your Characters Level.

most of the Feats can be gotten quickly with a good Farm Build and a Map with Pack Size, and of course, the Accomplished Perk speeds up things even more!

I’m finished with all the 6 perks, took very long but I’m happy with my progress


haha, I almost cried when I got my third Perk and saw how much Experience I needed for four.

and those last 10 or so Heroic Levels take some hard grinding to get, lol.

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