Heroic Level

  1. does heroic skills from affixes work on pvp?

  2. for example for the guided shot+multishot+discordance
    do i need +10guidedshot or +10multishot to increase my guided shot damage on discordance?

  3. does heroic skill points on other characters work? for example my warrior got +10storm affix to boost storm proc?

Heroic points only count in pve. Plus 10 to a skill item bonus or all skills on items work in pvp.

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Put all hero points in dexterity , strength and intelligence Wether your pvp or pve. Max fortune using affixes or hero points or a combo. Put rest of hero points into the skills you kill monsters with(then max with farming gear affixes. You need to be able to farm to get good pvp items. However hero points should always go into the first three I mentioned because it’s important in the arena and maps too

so Hero points in the weapons skills = do not work in PVP?
and Hero points in Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Fortune = do work in PVP? if so, this would be a Build Changer for me for sure!

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Yes :slight_smile:. Fortune no in pvp. Tried it.

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hmm, I was thinking this is good to know, but then I realized my Hero points are maxed out, and that I have 20 points in each of those, with 40 in Dexterity. but definitely good to know for those who’s Hero points aren’t maxed out yet.

Skill points on weapons yes. Hero points to skills added on hero points page no in pvp but it yes in pve. Dexterity etc are not skills and work in both

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that makes more sense.

Magic find stuff in pvp doesn’t seem to improve battle arenas drops so don’t bother :joy::persevere:

i just tried the guideshot affixes on the pvp dummy. and it works. it adds additional redirects. also the damage has increased.

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  1. Yes but only in affix form such as your epic affix hero points. Still in some cases +3 hero points or more is very useful in arena for a build.
  2. Hero points to increase guidedshot can work on discordance but guidedshot hero points only affect Guidedshot and Multishot hero points only affect multishot. It is worth using hero points though in PvE and PvP if you can (I use +3 Orb myself on discordance orb chakram rogue as chakram hero points dont affect Orb and Skilled Mythic for balance reasons).
  3. yes. Yes it does as I have tested and confirmed as well as others confirm to me. My orb get affected by hero points and 2* + 5 All Skills affix from Elixir on my Rogue as an example and in PvE, i was able to pull off 20 Hero Points into Orb with 2x All Skills affix and 1 +10 Orb on pet. In PvP, the +3 Orb on pet was enough. This is also why sometimes 40 Hero points is more worth it nowadays because it takes up not too many slots in some builds for great benefit (though make sacrifices if need be to save on affixes or deal more damage sometimes).
    The same will work with your warrior storm or any other skill used in other class. I mean Cerebral Vortex was more powerful and triggered a bit more often due to the Torrent hero points on amulet and pet on any class (hero points affect torrent skill and proc, including CV proc).

Hero points in skills are effectively works in PVP but not its full power. Like my elementalist aftermath build wizard level20 meteor + 36meteors. But max is 40 it mean level 40neteor the damage output works unsurvivable when direct hit in PVP but not its multiple attack because in PVP it cast only one meteor AOE reduce only 3 yards in PVP while in PVE 10yards. But in PVE it cast five meteor’s covering the entire screen of my device

I feel like an idiot because this was answered a couple times already but I want to just make sure… If I have + skull shield on all my gear… I could boost skull shield up to say lvl 20ish stats in PvP? I had presumed that wouldn’t actually affect the skill in PvP since heroic lvl didnt

I think they have been talking about the hero points for the weapon skills, but the epic affixes for the weapons skills. the first don’t work in PVP, but the second do. my question would be, do I take the hero points off of the skill first, so that the epic weapon skill affixes can work? or does it matter?

on PVP you can get +3 heroic skill instead of +10. if you put +3 to all of your items will get a total of +18(including pet). meteor adds multi attack on a certain heroic skill level. im not sure if +18 would be enough. you could verify this on your own.

Yea 11 is 1 multi attack. Thats awesome to know though, that’s a lot more damage reduction on skull shield too

+18 in PvE while only +4 in PvP eternal aftermath