Heroic points having no effect on comet

Just updated to 1.7 and I noticed that when I spend hero points on the comet skill it has no effect on my dps or aoe…am I missing something?

Wierd, i see the difference :S

and when i use spellsword , but my warrior hero panel has no such skills neighter comet or meteor , will replace the two skills when use spellsword affixe ???
and if i increase flurry’s lvl, can increase comet’s lvl when using spellsword ???

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Whatever your skills are (whirlwind/cleave, etc) if you have spellsword on your stuff, you’ll replace them to “comet/meteor”

Where do you see the difference? There is no change on the offensive skills page that I can see,and I’ve checked over, and over, using respec more than a few times…the bottom row of heroic skills clearly register and I can see the stats change on the stats page…but not for any offensive skills.

seeing the difference ingame, but ofc it’s not affecting the offensive page :confused: