Hey I need a quick study about twister!

So regarding twister! Does attack speed effect twister if so what other stats effect it? :slight_smile:

Attack speed can affect twister cast rate (imagine it is 1sec cooldown) but I’m not sure on the actual speed. What does affect the speed though is the affix called projectile speed (could be on hero skill twister or legend affix on certain legends and cannot be added by ruby).

Attack speed just affects how fast you cast. For eg, you cast hammer very slow but if you have high attack speed, you can spam it faster.
For aftermath build, that means I can spam shatter faster and with meteor procs.
Also with whirlwind, self explantory, faster cast.

For thing like bow, flintlock, self explantory: faster attack cast with high attack speed.

Other things that affect twister is heroic skill giving spell size, dmg increase and more. Also projectile speed and slow affects twister. Secondly projectile related talents can affect twister, eg: bewilder . Thirdly, thing like timewarp can affect projectiles in dmg increase.

Projectiles are very good. They are: twister, comets, flintlock (maybe?), twister, barrage skill from wand, orb, throwsword and chakram boomerang as well some other things I missed out.

Got it,I’m quite experienced player just never played with twister but got it up to 96mIl dmg, gonna go floor 800 and try the dmg output :slight_smile:

Twister is extremely powerful for sure, its a better version of meteor as it had range and constant 400% weapon dmg per second , has speed, spell size , affect by hero point and more.

Meteor at best can reach up to 1000% dmg while twister can go higher as it lasts as long with more dmg.

Test out yourself if attack speed affect twister to prove me wrong though.
Thanks. :blush:

you should consider using reduce cooldown if you want to spam twister. it is a special skill and has a long cooldown.

… and twister is not a projectile. Source


Got reduce cooldown, also going ice with frozen set, 600% ice dmg in total and 600% frostbitten with momentum and speed affixes :slight_smile:
Question is which mythic should I use on OH And MH?

With Twister? Cosmic Orb or Arc.

Oh thanks for clarifying that twister is NOT a projectile. I forgot about the ask developer thread and I feel like I don’t have enough time to check everything or learn as much as I could. I have time but not always enough, just enough to read maybe 2-3 guides or make a few guides or just reply. Thanks for clarifying anyway @ilidan371 , everyone makes mistakes eventually . :wink:

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