Hey so I need some help

Hey so uh i would like to farm for some Crystal eternals, what’s the best build that’s easily attainable to do so? I have 5 eternalized and 5 crystalline because of the amulet I have giving me a boost to each.

That’s a good start :slight_smile: now think of nadroji. 2 items plus set bonus . Think ephany.

What is epiphany on?

getting the Treasured Perk will increase your chances for both by +300% I think. and having a high Luck helps a lot. being able to kill monsters fast is a big help. there are posts about monsters dropping better loot the faster they are killed.

Epiphany Items can be found on floors 600+ at Epic difficulty or higher. or you can use Dust to buy it in the Codex.

Thanks guys! Also, if I have the affixes like eternalized and crystalline on my hireling, do they still go into affect? I have an opening warrior and a rogue with 5 on both.

those Sets only work on the Main Character. just put your one character in Hireling spot and check the Stat page, the bonus for those wont show up. I checked one time to see if I had to have them on both characters. that is why the Main would have most of the Farm affixes and the Hireling is doing most of the killing in many of the Farm Builds posted for 2 Characters.

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