Hey, so ive made an intresting warrior build

I was just hunting around for eternal and crystal ledgends while screwing around, and ive acidently created a warrior capable of dealing 3.44 mil dps. Im thinking about renameing him nuker because all the procs combind look and act a lot like a nukelear device going off. Whats the highest warrior dps you all have managed?

for pve crushing blow deals way more damage (especially with crushing flames).

Crushing Blow & Flames do damage based on enemy Health, and enemy Health is based on Floor Level, Difficulty Level, Monster Tier, and Map & Monster Affixes that increase monster health.

there are a lot of damage that isn’t part of the DPS formula, or only part of the formula when the damage is activated (Adventurer Set and Crit Damage for example).

I’ve gotten my Wizard up to 10’s of Billions DPS, even though it was only showing 100’s of million on the Stat Page, and have plans for Trillions for all 3 Classes.

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Wow, that dose sound spicy. Any sugestions for getting the defence and dps of a wizard higher? Also ty for the time you put into this forum. You are realy helpful.

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the best I’ve done with Wizard defense is +60% Dodge, +45% Block, and Sanctuary. I had Orb OH to use Teleport to move around a lot, especially to get out of trouble. used Ice Twister or Ice Storm, with Taunt on OH (Ice is good for Freeze CC).

another one is +75% Dodge, Stealth 20 (+10 on Pet), and Skull with Skull Shield shooting at everything, with +30%(?) Movement

I’ve gotten 100’s of Millions DPS on the Stat Page while doing 100’s of Billions damage with Deadly Strike & Frostbiting with Ascending & Arcanist Sets. this was a little after my Noob days, and I have some better ideas now.


Well thanks. Ill look into those items, have a great day.

smokebomb is a great OH for survivability, basically sanctuary with low cd.

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