Hi everybody, i need some help

Better than what you started with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Look for an item named ‘glinting slicer’ it a weapon similar to what you have now but the ‘Arcane damage%’ will change to ‘poison damage%’ when you’ve used calcite on it, this will litterally double your damage. Also the set crystalline is very good too.

The next thing i would suggest is a ring of epiphany, this having a similar effect the the weapon i suggested only the effect of epiphamy set allows for even more luck, gold find, item drops, block, dodge, etc.

Which brings me to my last point for now; the head, i have two recommendations, the head ‘Revenge’ is from warrior, super cheap, mainly for its ‘block%’ affix, which when you buy it has a chance for this affix to be of crystal/obsidian rarity (just buy a tone of them, eventually you’ll fine one) which is normally only possible on an Off Hand item, this helping survivability A Lot!
My second recommendation would be the boundless cap, this very similar to what you have now but eternalised means more eternal item drops, meaning more items to convert to rare crystals. (I used to use an eternal of this item for general stats)
Oh and one last thing, check your item’s ‘natures’ you can see this when you view the items expanded view by the name, it will say ‘[item name] of strength’ or ‘[item name] of greed’, or something like that, i highly recommend using ‘beryl?’ to change these to [item name] of evasion, each one giving 1.5% dodge, adding up to 9% dodge for free


Great job! Keep it up and farm for more crystals and mythstones!

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Ok i made changes you marked me and i got this twoScreenshot_20200417-191424~2

Shoud i get the warrior helm with the crystal dodge afix and quit the afxes and put Adventurer? Its worth? Because without my green wep and the old helm im very slow, or what shoud i do? Now im gonna farm the ring

Oh, and i got all my items now on evasion, ty guys to teach me i appreciate it😁

yea so i go for the eternal version of that helmet for the very reason that im slow without the movement speed.
make sure you have dexterity in your heroic levels.

Scratch that, i thought skull shield gave move speed, i was wrong.
I know synergy is a mythic that gives move speed from summoning minions but I’ve never tried it might be helpful if your desperate

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I made this, i changed for the plagued ring Screenshot_20200418-015919~2 Skullshield doesn’t do that hahaha, im gonna try now get the crystal helm on step less.

Waken is good, right?

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Or more luck was better? And the last one: i not have anymore plagued, i shoud stay on poison or i can change element?

Having epiphany essentially increases your stat caps. I suggest you experiment first. Look at the stats of your hero and see if its like this:

You need to max out your level and ascend multiple times until you get all the perks. Also might i suggest getting gold find crystal affix. It will help a lot in boosting your gold find.

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The most important ones are maxing out luck for drops and gold find for drops. Try reaching at least that for now while balancing your farming build in floor 200. You need to maximize your luck and gold find as well as clearing the map easily. That being said. Crushing flames set affix and crushing blow affix will definitely help. Maybe if you are lucky enough you can get a demonic set while crafting.

You definitely need crushing blow affix, crushing flames will not work without crushing blow. You can roll it with topaz or you can use the myth stone rebirth.

Crushing blow is for higher floors, for example, your build is a rogue and able to farm at m3 500 im guessing; rogue is, in my opinion, really really really bad for high level pme because of low hits per second, no aoe and no real ability to easily activate crushing blow.

That being said, marcos, you want your luck and gold find to be around 600-700, and with a hireling that does nothing but carry all your excess luck, gold find, item drops and survive (overall is an average of the two toons + map difficulty) - you should be at cap after this.
Not to mention you have crystalline and eternalised so you should be getting at least one every other map already

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Still it can really help him in floors 200 since he is doing a farming build. Its hard to have a decent farming build while clearing the floor easily. It’ll be more awesome if he has a demonic pet though.

I think i see your point, that crushing blow would help him reach the higher floors if he wanted to farm for items he probably doesnt already have like the haunting ring or the eternalised jewellery that requires much higher floors
But what is a farming build that cant do at least 350 M3?

Demonic set? Can you send a picture of demonic set? I don't know that item look like
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You can also go to codex, dictionary and then sets and read them from there (although crushing flames is wrong >~< )

I did like the old crushing flames tho :thinking:

Nooooo lol im not saying he should go higher floors right now haha what i mean is that he should just farm on map 200 with crushing flames as his damage dealing affix without sacrificing eternalized, crystalline, nadroji, and epiphany. He can farm high floors later on when he has the resources.

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Here it is:

A demonic pet is great but if you dont have it maybe you can go with momentum pet instead and raise your movement speed. Momentum is a really2 great affix to have because it increases your damage if you have more movement speed. Both momentum and demonic can be rolled using the crystal amethyst

![Screenshot_20200418-194629_Dungeon Quest|690x318(upload://cVnSF0hrtZma0K7UgEXexH2xrlj.jpeg)

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I got an demonic pet, look

I got crushing blow crystal affix on my chest, is 29.5, it’s not enough?
I shoud put a crystal gold find in my helm?
I cant buy a hireling char because the dollar here is expensive and im poor hahaha!
I got almost the same stats, gold find i got in 647%

Im gonn still farming in 200 floor, im getting crystals and stuff but i cant get the last ones myths :cry:


I need change my element to fire?
I should roll my Fauna pet or Hell is good? I made some changes, look

Edit: I have good news i have the helm🎉

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