Hi im new, can you help me

My question is what effect of enshrined perk on PVE?

Enshrined perk causes a couple of epic enemies to spawn when you activate the map shrines. It’s a great perk, but not the one I would go for first if this is your first ascension.

This my four perk but i don’t know enshrined perk effect

Actually it enables you to get 2 shrines. The one that gets enemies to spawn when activating shrines is the Hunter Perk. On the flip side, you can use Hunter Ring to make best use of Enshrined.
Also buffs the effect of shrine quite a bit. Like going 25% power to 100%. Same with item drop shrine, luck, protection (used to get 100k resist until fixed, now its normal increase), item drops, EXP Gain.

Not a bad perk for first ascension or 2nd. Accomplished or Fortunate I’d use as a first perk. As 2nd, Treasured, Enshrined. Dealer can be 2/3rd perk or as a Hireling perk.

Just my 2c(ents).

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