Hi? Is anyone still there?

Wassup guys how is it going? After a years. I decided to play dungeon quest again, and suddenly my acc. got bugged or idk how is this happened. Is it possible that dev disable it for not playing for a long time? @Mr_Scooty are you still playing? Do you know how to fix this?

@tdaniel can you please fix this?

I will see what is up with this. Have you recently download/upload back to back?


Nope. I upload my progress once a week. I just though myself, it happened is bcos ive never played a past few months… but idk? Im not sure they disable it for no reason… but i really want to know what i did on that time. Cus i barely play unlike those days that im really active in campaign and pvp… I hope they will fix it. Im really want to get back on league now… i sent an email to support team and to sir @tdaniel cus im worried to my progress that will going to waste.:sweat_smile:

You should be up and running now @FairyTail


Yeah, you should be good to upload your save game data now (IE your current progress will not go to waste as you can upload)


But like i said. I just came back to this game and Im using a new phone so i need to download the data of my dq account to this phone. If i click ‘upload’ they will be all gone as well. My problem is. There’s no download button when i login my account to this phone.

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Like on my needed help

Sir @FairyTail nice you got be right back again come to join on divission1 I willing me again to play on arena.