High voltage question


Hey guys! Lets say you have 100% chance to apply paralysis. If i have 200% high voltage, does high voltage damage count on the first hit or it will only be applyed on the second hit?



Mechanical explanation below. In your question above, the Elemental Critical Damage would occur on the second collision (after stun).

First, you need to have an elemental critical chance for High Voltage or Elemental Critical Damage to occur, (Paralysis) which is “Stun” in your example. After your opponent has been “stunned”, your High Voltage will apply until the opponent is no longer stunned. The first stun duration lasts for 1 second on your opponent (Damage to enemy during this 1 second will include Elemental Critical Damage). Your second stun to the same opponent will give 0.5 seconds elemental critical damage (high voltage). The third stun to the same opponent will give 0.3 seconds elemental critical damage. The fourth stun to the same opponent will give 0.2 seconds elemental critical damage and your opponent becomes immune to stun afterwards.

Hope that helped.


Yes thanks !