Highest Damage on PvE

Hey guys, I just wonder what was the highest damage achieved in PvE (Not Crushing Blow).

I’ve heard of damage such as Sextillion, Septillion DMG from Frozen set legitly. I have achieved such damage on rare occasions. From raw power without frozen, I would say 10B, 50B, 100B DMG or so. Fire dot can get that high in dmg as well as bleed if no crushing blow, shock can see many billions alone as well. This can be achieved with high DPS builds which could include discordance in it or so many multipliers. This also includes deadly strikes , brutal mythic, crit DMG.

Poison clouds could get trillions of damage with the right build with Blight , Plagued and possibly druidic.

Although if we also talk of the past DQ builds, Green Garden Build has seen numbers that filled the screen by half. Numbers beyond Septillion. But that was before it was balanced to be less OP.

Also crushing blow can deal any number of damage, well it removes a portion of Enemies HP no matter how much HP they have so even if they had Septillion HP, they can have 25% of that removed. Or more than 50% if you used crushing flames.