Highest Possible Crit

Hey guys. What is your highest possible crit ever? I want to know if my DMG is good. My base DMG is 68.1k and my highest possible crit is 1.5b … Is it good or bad? Im a Warrior Level 2 Ascend. Im at Random Map 600+ Mythic 3

that crit is quite good. but im sure you can make more improvement

Aim for quadrillions :wink:

just now i have 110k base DMG and I got. 15.05B Crit. Is it possible to get Quadrillion crit on a Warrior? Im a Hammer/Totem Poison DoT. Mythic 3 700+ floor

Frozen Chains and Druidics are everywhere that you simply can’t measure the “highest” anymore. If you can do that much with mundane base damage, you’ll definitely be able to do much more.

12 DMG.

Do I get extra credit?

I’m Lv1…

I’ve seen trillions, for sure.

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and a braaaaaand new…spaceship?

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I think I can get that Trillions and Quadrillions of Crit Dmg in the near future :slight_smile: My Hammer/Totem Poison Combo is now critting of 160.50B . :smiley:

so I did 999.999B and it doesnt add anymore. is that the limit?

i think there is no limit. last time while searching a build i saw a rogue build here in this forum . When I saw the crits I was stunned… xD. The crit was 937494037394B .wtf. Try searching on Build Guides and you will see what Im saying. The rogue combo is poison + stealth + coat weapon etc…