Hire system bug or not?

I have a level 51 pistol rogue, with a level 46 wizard as a hired character, mostly doing maps. The wizard has gone to floor 46 as a hired character with the rogue, but has only gone up to floor 31 solo or as the leader of another hired character. While trying to enchant the wizard’s gear when hired and on floor 46, I’ve noticed that the enchant level does not go up to 46, but stays at floor 31. Is this a bug or a feature? I would assume that the enchant should allow me to roll at the level of the highest floor the wizard has got to, regardless of whether he reached that floor solo or hired.

Yeah, I kinda wish my hired guys could enchant/ reroll at the levels they’ve made it to hired as well. However, I’m fairly sure the rerolling is based on character level… I could be wrong.

But my Rogue has passed one hundred while hired, and my Warrior two hundred, but it doesn’t affect their ability to reach the floors. Irritating, but probably intended. :neutral_face: