Hired player function

I’ve been playing with the hire function a bit since the last update, since I have a warrior and a wizard that are both relatively close in level. The hired character always seems to run out ahead of the main selected character and jump into the middle of a bunch of mobs, and get itself into trouble, even when that character is lower in level and weaker. For example, if I play my warrior as the main selected character, and hire my wizard, which is just a few levels below the warrior, the wizard will be happily running along behind the warrior, and then, when mobs start to approach, the wizard will often run out ahead of the warrior (sometimes even off screen) into a bunch of mobs, and then try to go toe-to-toe with them, even if those mobs are magic or rare floor bosses, and then the warrior has to race to catch up, so that the warrior can help kill the mobs as well. Not surprisingly, the hired character sometimes dies as a result.

Maybe the AI could use some tweaking in this regard?

You happen to be using orb on your hireling Wizard?

Yes, wizard is using a Chromatic Orb. How would that affect things? The wizard isn’t often teleporting to the mobs, just running right past the warrior and way ahead into a bunch of mobs, then trying to slay all of the monsters which are naturally focusing on him.

Also, it doesn’t seem to be just the wizard doing this. I’ve played around with some other hire configurations as well, and the hired characters (whether warrior or wizard) seem to want to run past the main selected character and take on mobs.

While testing, the orb wizard was known to be a bit more suicidal than other configurations, due to occasionally wanting to use shatter into a group of mobs, since that’s how its meant to be used. I do agree this could use some more work.

Other configurations might be a lil safer, especially minion and mana shield.

Warrior by default leads in front of the your character, since in theory, warrior is a bit more capable of handling being toe to toe with enemies.

While testing we also tweaked the amount of “pull” you have on your character while running away from mobs, which can also be adjusted more if you’re finding characters not following you strongly enough.

We also had suggested different “modes” that you could toggle to also passive/aggressive behavior, since automatically getting their behavior to be exactly as it should all the time is difficult. This is something we could look into as well.

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Well, I never noticed the difference in warrior/wiz leading/trailing until this post! Nice touch I must say! :smiley:

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