Hireling AI option

As there will be four attack buttons for the four skills of character, I suggest there are four checkboxes for enable/disable the four skills of hireling. For example, first and second skill are too weak that I may prefer hireling to use the third and fourth skill.

Just wait and see what Steiger Clause puts in your Christmas stocking. Who knows what wonderful delights are in the making :wink:

The Shadow knows.

But does the Shadow know, that I know, that he knows ?

Just wait for it steiger and their team will do the best to make everything so good as they can for people that want new things.

[quote=“Diieter”]Congratulations! you’ve made the 1000th suggestion!

That’s why Steiger’s gonna work on it asap to bring it for the new patch :unamused: [/quote]

This is a good idea, I hate it when he doesn’t use throw.