Hireling and vanity

how can i get a hireling and buy vanity in game purchases ?

For hireling, you can purchase another character slot, and then create the character and hire it as a hireling on the page where you select the difficulty and floor level, basically the page where you can select the character, and in the character selection page, you can purchase character slots there.
This page: V You click on “Change Hero” to select a character, and in that page you can click on “Purchase Slot” to purchase another character slot. Once you are done, you can create a hero in the character selection page and pressing the Empty Slot button and then create it, and hire it.

For vanity, you can either buy the package(s) on the main page(When you load up the game) or in the in-game shop. In the in-game shop, it is the third tab down on the left called ‘Vanity’(where you can buy vintage items individually) or on the last tab on the lower left hand corner called ‘Packages’ where you can buy the vintage items as a set in a package. Where purchasing a package is much cheaper than purchasing the vintage items individually. But the best packages is purchased on the main screen(when you first load up the game on the left hand side of the screen under the News/Messages window, and above the DQ Account, in between them, you will see a certain ‘deal’ where the package is significantly cheaper and as well as have the character slot(s) in the same deal as a package, for alot cheaper. The two current deals are the Nightblade Armor/Shoulder/weapons as a package and the Demon/Angel set with 2 character slots.

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