Hireling auto revie

I think a auto revie button in ur hireling Ai setup would be cool were you can just click on it and not worry if ur hirerling dies :stuck_out_tongue:


For 1$ probably :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d pay that really would :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a pain in butt keep revieing my wizard haha

I would too. 89p it costs in UK but sure, definitely I would pay that to support Shinybox while having a convenient feature (may spend gold on its own I think?).

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Would defenetively buy that aswell. My hireling is using permastealth and still dies to often imo.

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I have heard lot people talk about pemstealth what is it

You use a crystal affix of cooldownreduction and 40 points in stealth hero skill on rouge to get 5 seconds stealth with a cooldown of 4 seconds so you are theoretically invincible.

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i like this suggestion

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Oooo that’s nice thanks I will look in to that :smiley:

Thanks I spent a bit off time looking to see if it had been said befour but did not see it posted :slight_smile:

I miss the good old days where stealth lasted 2 seconds and gave double dmg. If I use that old buff, my future build will be op af. Now survival is hard unless you’re a rogue getting permastealth. Block and dodge is good but it can only get so far. Sanctuary is good but I sacrifice a really good mythic empyrean.

There is a theoritical thing where if you have 75% block and 75% dodge as well as sanctuary, you are theoretically immortal and you only have 6% chance to actually die. However it takes lot of slots and epiphany (5). Still very good for some builds though as long as dmg can easily be dished back in some form. I got this idea from @Teacup but it’s hard to make a good balance between really high dmg and really good survival using this method. I see this method applying more for builds that get hit more often but still deal some good dmg while slots compromised. With all the massive dmg multipliers now, it is more possible now.

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