Hireling + Eternalized (Crystalline, Mythical, Nadroji) Interaction

I know luck/item drops/etc is calculated as (selected + hireling)/2, but are the bonuses provided by Eternalized set (and the others Crystalline, Mythical, Nadroji, etc) also calculated the same way, or are they exclusive to the selected character?

These Affixes (Mythical, Crystalline and Eternalized) are only working when your Main Character has equipped one of these items. If your hireling has an Eternalized (Crystalline, Mythical) Set Item equipped, it doesn’t do anything.

Thanks for clearing that up. Will this change eventually, or is this working as intended?

Everything acts as if you are killing/activating/picking up stuff. The only way a hireling affects you directly would be through granting you luck, gold find and ID. Intended.