Hireling + obsidian crystal bug

I have two major gem inventory issues with hirelings:
First, I wanted to use some obsidian crystals on a new item I’m crafting. My hireling has higher luck than my main character, so I placed 2 obsidians, 2 set crystals, 3 epic crystals, and a few stacks of lesser crystals into the stash, then switched to the hireling’s inventory. I was distracted for a moment, but when I looked at the hireling’s inventory, the 2 obsidian were gone (but the rest of the crystals were displayed.) I searched both inventories and all stashes, but I couldn’t locate the obsidian at all. Distraught, I could only guess that I mistakenly sold the obsidian while I was distracted. I tried to make the best of the situation by converting the 2 set crystals into 1 obsidian, and decided to wait to do the item enchanting, so I moved all the crystals back to the stash so I could move them back to my main character. When I switched to my main character’s inventory…the NEW obsidian crystal was missing too! So, I lost 3 obsidian crystals, plus the 1 mil gold i spent to change the 2 set crystals to an obsidian.

Second (and already reported to CS/awaiting a resolution), I completed the crystal usage feat on my hireling, who had at least 1 of every crystal type in his inventory. Upon completing the feat, I checked his inventory, but the +2 crystals/stack reward was not granted (I’m still using 1.7). I can only assume the feat based the reward on the main character’s inventory (which, at the time of feat completion, had no crystals at all, since they were all carried by the hireling.)

As a tester, I am running a test patch, not standard 1.8. I tested on current test build, moved my obsidian crystals from bag to stash, exited to dungeon, opened hireling, looked in stash, saw obsidians, exited to dungeon, opened main character’s inventory, moved obsidians back from stash to bag.

At this point, I can only mark this as unable to reproduce.

v1.7 is deprecated and I would assume is no longer supported. If you upgrade to 1.8 and experience the same issues, please post with that information.

v1.8 did include some bug fixes, although I don’t have access to what those fixes were.

Best of luck in your Quest!