Hireling question - Fortune built should be main or not?

Hello everyone, new around here and to this great game that I recently discovered!

I have two characters, one with a lot of fortune, gold and luck stats and a Aftermath built. My aftermath is built with dmg gear only.

I am currently trying to farm for crystals, mythstones and better gear and I am wondering if the character I use as a main (my fortune or my aftermath built) will have an impact on the drops I will have ?

I’m not taking chance, I am using my Fortune built as main and Aftermath as hireling but I whish I could do the opposite to have a better control on the DMG, but I am scared of having less/poorer drops.

Any know if the main characters will matter or if the drops/fortune/luck/gold bonus are shared equally no matter the main? Any recommendations?

thanks in advance and regards,

Is is generally the best idea to have your main be the fortune character because set affix’s like eternalized , mythical, crystalline, nadroji only work on main


Thanks Funko!

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No problem, glad someone asked a question I could actually answer as they are always the ones answering my questions lol