Hirelings and Perks (mostly)

Hello! I’ve got another set of questions regarding how the perk system relates to the hirelings.

  1. Ive noticed that on my warrior’s list of perk, my wizards perk, treasured, has been marker active. I’ve been informed that the dealer perk is the only perk that works on hirelings. My question is simple. Is this a two way street? If I was to give my hireling the perk dealer, would my main benefit from it? ( the only reason I want to do this instead of just doing on my main, is to avoid an extra 5 million, it’s easir if I just ascend my hireling for 5 million than 10 million on the main, just simple math)

  2. What is the maximum luck you can have, including perks like fortunate and enshrined?

  3. I’ve heard about “farming” legends and other items, how would one go about doing that?

Any help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  1. no the ascensions on your hireling do not affect your main

  2. 1110 but 1012 is more attainable while getting a good chunk of other stats

  3. creating a set up where you have tons of luck and the set affixes nadroji, eternalized, crystalline

Hope that helps! :smile:

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For question one, couldn’t I transfer my junk items to my hireling with dealer through stashes and THEN sell them? Would I still benefit from dealer in that scenario, gold wise?

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Yes :smile:

Ok good, I’ll just do that then. Thanks!

Glad I could help out! :smile: