Hit frequency and atk speed question...,

I dont understand :thinking:

Are you asking if attack speed increases hit frequency? That’s a good question, idk… I’ve always used reduce CD to spam out higher frequency. Only thing I’ve notice from attack speed it jus increases dmg :man_shrugging:t4: hopefully someone will answer this

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Okay thank

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Attack speed increase APS.
There’s old topic about it & formula for APS, you can search it yourself. Dont believe APS on your weapon, it’s false, the right APS is in offense stat page for every skill.
Hit = standard attack + multi attack (MA)+ EAC
+2 MA = +2 hit, +4MA=+4hit
+2EAC = +1 hit, +4EAC=+1 hit, higher +EAC means +1 hit occur more often, +4 EAC doesnt mean +4 hit but +1 hit that more often than +2EAC.
Hit freq = total hit x APS
With +2MA, total hit= 1 +2=3, +4MA tot hit = 1+4=5
With +4MA & +2/+4 EAC Tot hit= 5 to 6, 6 if EAC occur

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Thank you >3

For MH/OH special skill:
Only some spec skill has hit freq, such as orb, torrent, whirlwind, storm, knightchrg, etc.
Spec skill hit freq can be increased by heroic skill level.
Guideshoot +35 has +4 redirect that means other source +hit & it piercing. Single enemy will always get hit twice by guideshoot.