Hit my first 1 mil!

I’m sorry for pretty much useless topic.
I’m just excited I hit my first 1 mil hit and I’m just super stoked to share it with you guys!
Post your highest damage hit in the comments :smiley:

  • Nova

Gzies, man.

Wait til you hit 1B.

And 1T.

Oooh, numbers.

congrats mate keep it up now next will be a billion dmg target :smile:

Its only a matter of time now before you start craving for more… hahah :smiling_imp:

Haha I actually am not hitting around 2.5-3 mil!!! Highest was a ele crit for 3.89 mil!!! I’m slowly getting there. Just got to floor 200!! Am pretty excited


the higher the floor the more dmg you produce :smile: