Hmm to convert or not?

The weapon dmg only applies to this shield and not the mh weapon if what I learned today was true. That makes this item a lot worse. That and the 60% crit chance cap making 12.5% of your crit only a 7.5% boost to the stats. The HP on hit is godly though. Some splash dmg or extra attacks and you’ll never die

That rage changes that’s not stacked

here it is at +5

lvl 87 ? personally I’ll convert it immediately without even looking at the affix :joy:

It depends really on the user :stuck_out_tongue:

If you see it as a Item that you’ll eventually will use. Save it.

If you want a ultra rare crystal and want to save space then convert it.

Some are hoarders and tend to save everything xD Thinking they might use it in the future.

It’s pretty nice but the set affix now seems to be a little underpowered vs others.
Bash + Prayer is nice though. The affixes is nice.

I decided to convert give me a lovely black crystal I’m still trying to find. Good warrior build :rage:

wow how lucky of you :wink: