Hoard rarity

Hello I couldn’t find anything about this. Basically when I have an imp, or any other pet, and their ability is in purple, is that because they do that ability better? For example with purple Hoard, will I get better items from the imp?

I share my experience: My fairy’s “wish” skill. The one which has white “wish” heals me for 11.9k. Level 80 Fairy.

But the one with purple “wish” heals me for 12.2. She is Level 5.
After the Fairy has reached Level 28 (she has purple “wish” ability), she heals now for 12.8k.

So yeah, there is a difference with these colored abilities. Purple is better than a white ability. Best example: Fairy’s Wish Skill.

I don’t know how it affects Imp’s “Hoard” skill. But I’m sure, that it might give you a higher chance to get better items, when he has a purple “Hoard” ability.

And I’m sure, the dog digs more gold out if he has a purple ability.

Hope this helped. :smile:

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thanks! do you find your pets or buy them from the store with gold? Any advantage of buying pet with cash?

Hope this helps…it’s more exciting to hunt pets from “Enslaver”…hehehe

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Actually I personally go for Enslavers, only if I farm for legendary Pets.

If you don’t go for legendary pet runs and you want to have specific Affixes on them and want to aquire them faster, you better ‘farmbuy’ them with gold in the shop :smile:

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DQ: CentraLity, Mage Level 99
CentraBPM, Warrior Level 99
Main Account: Remya, Rogue Level 99

where is enslavers o

They can be found on any floor above level 20, but like any other mini boss, they appear randomly.

I think the color of the Hoard skill is just based on the element enchantment of the Pet? Pets without an elemental enchant are arcane (thus Hoard, Wish, or Fetch is displayed in purple) while those with Ice (for example) are shown in White… Unlike equipment you can’t use crystals to change the enchantment on your pet, so you’re “stuck” with what you get (it’ll provide a small bit of resist to that element and any Elemental Damage/Resist affixes on the pet will be for that element). The enchantment type doesn’t seem like it should/would affect how “well” the pet does its ability.

Fairy’s healing is based on your max HP, so if you are seeing increased healing amounts it’s likely because your HP has increased (either you leveled, you changed your gear, or your fairy has HP as an affix and through leveling it increased that affix amount causing your HP to increase. I’m not 100% sure what the threshold for the Fairy to heal you is, but I vaguely remember reading it was 50% or lower life?

Imp’s horde is likely based on your Luck but I haven’t tested it to say that with any certainty; beyond that it just eats 5 items you aren’t set to auto pick up and spits out a new item.

Dog’s fetch may similarly be impacted by Gold Find but I haven’t tested that. Beyond that it just runs around picking up your gold intermittently and every so often (not sure if it is based on enemies killed, feet traveled, time, or what) digs up a patch of ground for a fair number of piles of gold. I haven’t used the Dog much at all so others might be able to give better information on what “triggers” the digging.

Pet’s skills are randomly colored, it doesn’t mean they are stronger or anything
BUT thanks to this feedback Steiger said he might do something about that

Wait for the “pet patch” in few patchs to get more infos

Yeah i think there is some misinformation towards the top of this page. Just based on observation, any pet that has an specific element resistance have their skill in white, while pets without any specific resistance have their skill in color, correct?

I didn’t notice this but if you’re right then you’re a genius :smile: