Holy death: Died without getting hit (bug?)

WTF!? I just freaking die without getting a hit and without being attacked. This is too fishy :angry:

What do you mean by this? Can you elaborate more. And also can you reproduce the same event?

Exploding props… dot… Or… the best… zombie mob?


You got DoT or TnT Props

I am just walking than death. I didn’t got killed by a monster because there is none where i am. No damage just death.

Are you on poison map? If so then poison DOT might have killed your character.

No. I didn’t get poison and no there aren’t falling things from the sky. That is the thing i just loose all my HP in one second and i have 20 hero points in HP. No monsters around. Not getting attacked. Its like getting a death critical that kill you and no one its doing it.

Is this event always happen? If this event happens a lot, then we should report it.

Last time it happens 5 times. I am playing offline.

I just report this bug.

How much HP does you have? Have you “Masochism” Set Affix?

Actually, I know you can instadie using the following combination: Very Low HP + Fast HP Regen + Masochism against Thorns.

i have around 13.7k with regen around 5000. This is just a bug that i found in the game. i already reported it.

I think devs couldn’t do anything if you don’t describe it properly.

i did describe it properly.

I responded to your email with a few follow up questions.

It is easiest to reproduce this bug with your save game file on my end. Email me or send a direct message on this forum, what your dq account email address is and I will try to reproduce your issue.


Hahahahah im dying :joy:

Why you laughing?? its not funny i lost a challenge map because of this :rage:

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are you still having this issue after looking at your health pool?

No. I am talking about before i start this thread. It don’t happen anymore.