Hour of the Apocalypse ( Build update )

Okay, this is a dual PVP and PVP build based around a character equipped with an apocalypse weapon for a Fury army.

It is still in experimentaction but im hunting for Najdobi rings and crystals in order to craft them with an empty socket. All my items in usage have a socket for the highest my stone of all for the plus skills or set or talents effect.

Each equipped item has a different set bonus, different legend affix, a different proc and epic 10 to skills affix plus of course an emptype socket ( for now)

My wizard currently has a crystal hat with 10 to Twister and skullshield, reflect damage, Storm proc, set bonus and is socketed with elixir.

End of newbie update

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Why are you using your elixir on a hat if you can get a +2 all sets bonus when it is socketed on ring/amulet?

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5 all talents :neutral_face:

horay for talent user

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Oh my I just found a najdrobi ring :sweat_smile:

thats cool