How about a survival mode? anyone?

yeah, this is just another feature from the PC and console A-RPG games in the late 90’s and early 2k’s but i guess it wouldn’t hurt to have it in this already AWESOME game.

a survival mode wherein the starting enemy level is equal to the player level and his last map level or whatever it may be that the devs think would maintain the game balance.

no hires
no potions
no respawn (hence, survival)
no loots or gold
leech and regen are both nerfed by more than 60%
rewards are given after the player dies.
quality, type, class, affixes, etc. of the item(s) is based on how long the player was in the dungeon.

i’ve thought of this because i think the dungeons are really short.

BTW, Dungeon Quest is the only android game that i have not uninstalled since early 2014 because for me this is one of the best hardcore gamers game in existence in Android today, and the fact that you put community suggestions into consideration makes it better if not the best amongst others out there.

putting a survival mode in this game will make it the resident game on my tab for years to come until it gives up on my virtual button-smashing and snapdragon decides he could fly no longer, or probably until you guys realize that you can’t take the pressure anymore and decide to sell the game to blizzard… whichever scenario comes first.

Have a nice day!

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you are pretty much on survival mode once you go up beyond the 200th floor, with the 700th floor the true testing ground of your fingers skills :laughing:

Great idea :smile:

This makes me happy

But I guess what he wants to say is a dungeon that has unlimitedtime on it and it will only finish if u died?