How barrage work with multi and EAC

Im using barrage build right now on pvp . And it has
2.5k to 3.5k power up in arena but the power did not work properly . Can someone teach me how it works . Feel free to pm me .

Btw . Thanks in advance

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I don’t get your question, but Multi Attack and EAC don’t increase arena “power”.
For barrage, it works like any other weapon except chackram: Multi Increases number of projectiles thrown (1 up to 5) and with EAC along, you notice some projectiles are overlaid, meaning 2 projectiles per hit (when EAC chance happens).


Yup. Increases MH dmg of course at the same time like how discordance works when you use MA and EAC on special skills. Just on primary skills.

Uses Skilled Mythic, 2 Multi Attack, 2 Extra Attack, as much push the limit possible, some hero points, timewarp and/or cosmic power and you have a very potent Barrage. But that would be the case for any skill in pvp but barrage is good.