How can i fight on other division/ players bracket?

I am already at eternal league for a long time and still no good/ top players on my matches. I can easily go for 40+ streak depends on my boredom level :confused: no clogon, shay, refia, liscano, or other which is on the top. :confused:

huh… I always fight one of them after about 6 matches, and I was even before reaching eternal.

rhey are my set opponent lol. clogon shay sometime emman rafea and some other rogue dagger. btw what your ID.?

PRETTYBOY :confused: seriously i want them on my matches. Need more ideas from them. Sigh

ahh i see, what set u use, bow or gun.?

I use bow for gaining points, but im using my wiz for defending i mean when im out of the game.

i think each time i encounter with your toon. its a rogue lol. maybe we pvping at same time.

Wat’s ur pvp name?

Arena ID: Cronoc_Rage