How can i get a eternal skyfall staff with shock skills instead of fire?


I want to make my elemental crit of meteor to become “paralyse” instead of “immolate” on my eternal skyfall staff. How can the skills comet and meteor before shock?


use Calcite.


Wow i guess at some point we dont find cacite anymore LOLLL just got it thanks :slight_smile:


@Tokiba every 100 floors up to 500, you stop finding the lower Crystals. so if you want to get the lower Crystals, just go to the lower floors to get them or convert a higher Crystal to a lower Crystal. just check the Feats firsts, as any Crystals or Myth Stones converted this way over what you need for the Feat don’t count for what you need to get the Feat again. converting down it is 1 for 1, and converting up it is 2 for 1, based on the number you are getting, not what you spend.


Or salvage the higher crystals like quartz or angelite into calcite if you have 1000s of crystals of the lower end which is bound to happen if you farm well, even at higher floors.