How Can I Get Google Play Quests?

When I log it with my Google account the quest screen pops up but nothing shows but empty space. Are quests just not a thing anymore?

as far as I know, they have been discontinued. I haven’t seen any new ones since the last one I did. I believe there was a discussion about this in another post.

If you find the original post lmk thank you!

The codex is an quest.


Many quests… lol

endless farm quest


Are you sure… one day, I’m convinced, I will finish the codex 0.0

I want google play quests back. do you agree with me? that is the post that the dev’s explained why no more quests.

I already complete the dictionary of the codex.

I’m not sure, it was before my time. I’m not sure what they were about at all.

I already have a topic about introducing quest in the game.

good luck lol

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I discovered the quests a little while after I started playing, but then they stopped being updated. this post is about the Google Play Quests that keep showing up sometimes when I play while I am online. it still shows the ones I finished and the ones I didn’t finish. but there are no new ones. tdaniel explains in the post I mentioned why there are no more quests like the ones in Google Play.

Is there a link to this info you can share?

ahh, I don’t know how to do the links, just type that title into the search bar, you should find it there.

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ok, I think this is the link.

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Ahh kk. Found it

I actually think Homicide could easily finish the codex. I would have finished it before the codex updates but the update make it bigger and harder.

I mean it’s a nice quest to do when you like maxing out the entire game. It’s unnecessary but it’s cool to do. I still do it to this day and it is fun and a good way to go on DQ when you give up all hope on other things in game.

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Lol… who me… haha

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