How can i get otem color light blue?

Hiw can i get light blue item. I only have red item… pls help thnx

the light blue item is a crystal item. You can obtain it by putting the rarest crystal obsidian on a piece of equipment. This are powerful affixes that give you a large boost in stats
You can also get it as a rare drop from just doing your everyday playing the game
You have a higher chance to get it in higher levels
for now you should just get to level 99, get the ascension dealer in-order to make quick $money$
This would allow you to convert your unneeded legend(red) gear into rare cystals
From then your combine the lesser crystal into better ones until you reach obsidian
This process may take a while but at the end you know it’s all worth it when you craft the gear
for more info regarding crystal search for Rubix Crystal thingy