How can I improve my rogue?

I’m currently level 81 on floor 121. I’ve been farming trying to find better equipment but no luck. here is an imgur album of my equip/stats

first of all electro stop wasting time planning to beat spiderman. lol JK. ive seen your equipment, idk at what defficulty u play, if u play on normal difficulty, try change the difficulty to the one u still able to handle, and start back at floor 100… grind alot and understand mechanism, it will help u in build/craft. read and ask alot if u dont understand thing. put some afford to test thing out for better understanding.

I’ve been playing on mythic 1 pretty easily :stuck_out_tongue:

okay try play in M3 and just farm map 100-200, until u have enough resources, experience and knowledge. theb u can start craft and climb higher floor with challenge map and see how far it can go, and keep the farming and looting all the times so u have more resources to craft more build or upgrade the current one.