How can i loot more gold :( plss help ,e

help me to loot gold fast pls :frowning:

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use boost or gold find affix

Max your fortune in hero tab using heroic points.

Thank you :slight_smile: sorry newbie here :smile:

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In a clearer manner… here’s what you do:

  • put 20 hero points into Fortune.
  • cap your +Gold Find
    • cap is +650%, including the bonus from difficulty. If you play on Legend, you get a free 200% so you only need 450% on gear.
    • how to do this:
      • Gold Find on gear
      • Fortune heroic points (20 points gives +50%)
      • item Natures (“item name of Greed” gives +25%), use the crystal Beryl to change them.
  • wear gear with +Item Drops (every item that drops has a chance to be gold, so more items means more chances for gold!)
    • cap is +200%
  • When you hit 99, ascend and get the Dealer perk to get 10x sell price for loot
    • warning! this resets your level to 1!
  • When you hit 99 again, ascend and get the Fortunate perk to get 200% gold find (above cap)
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“when you hit 99” ? you mean Lvl99?

yes it means level 99 :smiley:

Ahh. =:smile: haha I see now implaying its so hard to loot crystals =(

i know its 300%.
is 300% same with 10x of sell price?


Hi are you filipina? Hmm. I think only 1000% sell price… =(