How can i purchase?

How can i buy a character slot if i dont have a credit card or paypal? Is there any other way so
I can buy a slot or item… please put a load on mol points?

There is an upcoming system with more ways to buy that you want.They are gonna put Mojay and more.But its gonna take some time as they dont have yet a system to put them into game. I have been doing this question too so im answering you with some correction.Also i wanna say it gonna take like patch 1.9

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

Google will let you use PayPal on your gray account here are the details. Also we only have plans to support Molpay, PayPal, and credit card via stripe. As far as version 1.9 goes…that has never been specified by the dev team to my knowledge. … 6425?hl=en