How can i surpass 200 floor

i been playing this game for a long time and recently they update it. the thing that confusing me is the item that drops on floor 300 and atleast mythic 3 to get it. is there a 300+ floors

The map mechanic allows you to pass floor 200 :smile:

buy map at shop kill the boss you will get a map from killing it to advance a floor

why i cant find the NOVA ring. the book says pass 100 and im floor 131 i cant find it. i spend gold in shop just get that ring

Bad luck the ring is a random drop you must simply get lucky to find it :smile:

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tnx. can u guys make another char or hero.

Dungeon Quests spiritual successor is in development so we’ll have to see :wink:

What is that @Griffin012? A new class of hero or further level development?

New game :smile:


maybe a new pet or new vanity

There will definitely be new vanities very often for DQ :smile:

in game store or arena. please put in store

Store :smile:

when can we buy it

I mean I may talk to the devs a bunch but unfortunately no powers of future sight here so no clue =P

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we released new vanity items last month and we will will have a holiday set and something else this month as well.

Thanks for playing!!


wow holiday when will be the next update? :smile:

@tdaniel Does this update include a reindeer looking pet or a new class looking like Santa :joy::joy:

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That would be so cool :smile:

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