How close u are to all 99+ resource?

10 more amethyst, T,T is it just me or everyone else feel like amethyst really hard to drop?

Still far from close, that elixir play hard to get. T,T


dang crazy thats too many already lel. hmm i dont know bout its drop rate since i usually get amethys from converting items. im not even close to that haha whenever i had 10-15 obsi/amythes and atleast 20-30 rubymy mind always itching to try/test mew builds. so i just use them lel. give me some haha

about elixir though i got many of them just dropping from mobs. (but stil rarely) atleast i won on elixir i got like 15pcs here haha but if u convert those zeneth that would be 41 elixir lol. dang how many hours u spend on farming a day? thats just crazy. worship cronos lol @cronos4321

i just farm when i got free time. sold unnecessary legend, convert unnecessary crystal legend eternal legend. today i got 2 eternal pet tho haha

dis lucky human. rnggod @cronos4321

With that amount of farming u must have some insane crystal eternals and eternal pets ^^

Nahh I just have 20 eternal pet, crystal eternal convert. Haha Im not keeping them,

I use a lot of Crystal to do dama dama build or i would show more Ruby, Amethyst and Obsidian.

I have noticed Amethyst doesn’t drop as often.

I have another 20+ Elixer on gear.

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Yes amethyst really are hard 1, that MS tho. Why not just keep 1-2k for each normal rarity? Having nearly 20k overkill lol

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I think it might take half a day to convert the CS and MS to better ranges. I would use a lot of gold doing conversion. Meh I’m good with it for now.

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Haha, yea gold are another problem.