How do ability upgrades affect your character?

Hello. I have a question about this awesome game. Can anyone explain how the traits for each ability apply to my character?

For example, I just started a warrior character, and I am currently enjoying the combination of Taunt and Whirlwind. I have spent several points in Whirlwind because I can see how the traits that are increased with each point, such as damage and area of attack, affect Whirlwind specifically.

However, I am hesitant to spend points in Taunt because I don’t understand how its traits contribute to that ability. For example, as far as I know, Taunt does not do any damage. But one of the traits that can be upgraded by spending points is +X% damage. So what does this affect? Does it mean Taunt will do damage? Or does it mean it increases the damage of my other attacks?

I’m asking about Taunt specifically here, but I’d like to know how this works for all abilities and their upgradeable traits.

Thank you!

I’d show a picture, but my data sucks. Just check your codex. Codex -> Dictionary -> Skills -> Taunt.

Thanks. I also just realized that Taunt does do damage, so my question is pointless now. :slight_smile:

Taunt does damage.
For every taunt heroic point

It increases
AOE radius
Stun Chance

You can verify the percent and the stats for each skill when you select the icon on your Hero
It also shows what it increases