How do I know if I'm in the banned league

Last time I remember the highest rating was 3500 but right now the highest rating is 2000 am I perhaps in the banned league?

Nah you’re good if you see me and msiiek on the leaderboards you’re good :smile:

No, you are not :slight_smile: The only thing I know you can check if you are in banned league is to check what people are at the top. Rating will go up with time I think.

@Msiiek @Astarte Shit I thought I was banned couldn’t see knuts

Maybe he stop playing :c Unfortunately never met him in battle :c

Yeah knutz is long gone don’t worry you don’t end up in the banned league with out doing something that is obviously cheating :smile:

@Msiiek @Griffin012 I thought i was False accused.

The rating from 3500 down to 2000 who would not think that your banned and it says season 1

Yes the big thing that really changed ratings was the new season last season there was a switch in the way things where calculated midway so the scores where obnoxiously inflated this season not so much :smile:

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Shame that ai loses doesn’t count into your stats, would like to see how many times I’ve been defeated.

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I just found this on another recent post and the top 1 in our league has almost identical name from the top 2 who claims to be in the banned league

So I really thought I was banned

Thanks though

Yes abner is a notorious cheater who will pop up immediately after having been banned it’s whatever

Well idk if its just coincidence but the names are pretty identical

No it isn’t coincidence at all abner was banned yesterday and just popped up with a slightly changed name today

Haha just i thought

haha yeah I don’t blame you don’t worry though we check a very specific set of things for cheating and non cheaters won’t get caught by them generally speaking

You guys doing a manual banning?

:3 it hurts when im reading the comments noticing that u will know if you are at the legit league if griff and msiiek is present :3


it’s just :frowning: *Sobs huhuhuhuhu

@Chriss Well both of them are top league Are you perhaps at top league master chriss