How do I update my DPS?

Everything else is updating. Highest level l, legends killed etc, but my DPS has been at 500k for 50 levels. I’m seeing million damage hits bit my DPS won’t update. I’ve uploaded and everything is there a trick to it?

Post your gear here.
That’d make things easier.

Bow 44k
83.9total hp
2extra attacks
2extra attck chance
4233ice damage
11.6% ice damage

Mirror 47.8k
Fauns gift 6
170 luck
5 all skills
4356 weapon damage
2946 ice damage13.5 attack speed

Sanguine skin 588AR
Bloodmagic 5
4.3 hp leech
11.1 total hp
31.8 crit dmg
27.6 crit damage

Azure helm 612 at
Fauns gift 6 (just noticed I have this twice)
190 luck
5 all tallent
Ignore resist
14.2 crit chance
70.1 crit damage.
Illusionary bind 618 ar deception 20
Trickster 5
186 crit dmg
2 to all sets
4084 arcane dmg
22.2total hp

Najdoji crystal 618ar ambush 20
Plague 6
37.8 attack speed
2 to all skills
2 all sets
1 all talents
6.9 reduce CD

Stitch plan on replacing him in 12 more elslaver kills

My DPS has shown to be 500k since I first put this gear on at level 50. Even though I see a lot of million dmg hits. My DPS on the leaderboard doesnt seem to be updating.

a lot of the damage boosters are not maxed.

Yes but I’m doing multiple million damage hits but my leadership highest DPS says 528k. I don’t understand why that hasn’t gone up.

As solkyro said, your affixes are not maxed yet.
Element on your gear is not synchronized.
Remove 1 Faunt Gift affix and replace it by Permafrost if you want to use ice element.

Yeah I changed it after I posted. So the Highest DPS is just a number based on gear? I thought the game parsed actual in game damage. Even after changing it to perma and running dungeons it still says 528k, but perma is suppose to increase ice damage 50% and I do all ice damage.

Maybe I’m thinking highest DPS in leaderboards is something its not. If it’s not am acctual DPS parse then what is it?

your total dps is different from your actual damage ingame. more likely, your total dps you see in your page is your average dps. my damage in game ranges from 100k to 10 billion but my total dps is only 21m.

if permafrost hasn’t boosted your dps total, then i would guess your weapon element is not on an ice type because massive increases like that would easily reflect on your total dps.