How do people get 200 stat points?

I’ve seen people have like 199 points added into a single stat… is that legit or a hack?

that was before Patch 3.0. after, they reduced the Stat Points to a third, but tripled the power of each Stat Point, so if you put all Points into Power, for example, you still get the same damage boost. this way, you only push buttons 98 times instead of 200+ times when you change your Stat Points.

Power used to be 25 damage per point, but is now 75 damage per point.
Health & Mana were 50 per point and are now 150 per point, I think.


Ah for convenience ok.
Came back to the game after a couple years.
Saw a tip saying I get 3 per level up so it kinda confused me

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yeah, I had started playing about a year before Patch 3.0, so I felt the difference. that was also when Dust was introduced so you could get Items from the LegendEx instead of having to wait for the right random drop for a certain Build you had in mind.