How do the top ranked players have Billions of DPS?

So I took a look at the leaderboards and I saw highest DPS, people were hitting 2.147B… just wanna know if those are hacked or is there any way of really hitting those numbers??

Mine is stuck at arround 4M even though im seeing 7M hits. but how can the top players be getting Billions of dps?

All hacked :open_mouth:

2147 is the highest number a hacker can enter with current coding restrictions.

So if you see numbers that are suspiciously high with these digits, not only is it a hacker, but a stupid one as well lol.

Evolution or Extinxtion

Ryim 99 Rogue
RyimScaith 81 Warrior
Rym 61 Wizard
Riym 58 Rogue

So with that said… what’s the highest you guys have seen so far? Highest i’ve hit was about 144M…

Just cleaned up the LB some. We have to do it manually, and sometimes just need a reminder :smile:

Hahaha …

Been playing for 1 week now… When i saw @asar dps screenshot… It gives me hope that i could be on the top 100… Sadly im far too far from asar… And i dont know to post pictures yet… But i recently on 75… Thanks asar…bus newbie are bound to read forums to get strong fast… Kodus

Top 75*… BUT*