How do you get Hero Points?

Hi all, I’m currently a level 43 warrior but I have 0 Hero Points wut I was wondering how you get them so I can start grinding? :smile:


Starting at floor 100, you get hero points by killing epic (orange named) monsters.

Ahh thank you :smile:

what are hero points for?

Right now Hero Points are just for leaderboards, but they will also be applied to a new system coming in one of the next patches

Cool … currently 280,500 and counting!

I thinks Steiger wants to make hero points for matching heroes in pvp. lol. so there’s no noob kills or imba kills or something.

Ouch! That means all I will be able to battle is m@sseywizz@rd @186k and Solki (aka. No1) @426k, who somehow shot up some 300k a couple weeks ago …

Nah i dont think that… maybe hero points gonna be used to buy stuff like wings/pets, maybe some equipments too