How does Discordance work?

Can come someone break this down for me a little better and which slot is it best to make it for, as a lot like to use a chest mythic, sand neck and weapon I’d assume a head slot is best for it?

I dont know to be honest but what I do know is discordance in my case switches meteor into cooldown of comet, comet in cooldown of meteor, orb as cooldown of shatter, shatter cooldown of orb. If you like spamming special skills, i guess its a great set but in my experience i dont like it. I used discordance on head but I think its same result no matter where you place it. I prefer Energy resource mythic affix over every other mythic resource affix.

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Basically flips everything, if you have a guidedshot bow and a multishot special skill it allows you to spam multishot and use guidedshot with a cooldown, it also buffs dmg a little bit. It helps with ohko builds :slight_smile:

Swap Main Hand Primary and Special damage, increase all damage deal using MH by 25%, Reduce resource cost (mp) by 25% and reduce cd by 25%. Multi attack & Extra attack increase special damage.

Type: resources mythic.

  • can be craft on any part of equipment. This myhic skill ONLY effect MAIN HAND. its not going to effect OH. Why.? Because if stealth have primary CD. the hell any class can have perma stealth.
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Ok so any thoughts Cronos on which builds to try it on ? I’m mainly going for PvE but may dabble in Arena, I could see that mythic being pretty badass, just not sure how I’d use it

For arena do lohko, for pve its up to you, i like to have my bow spam twister :smile:

I thought about that but wondered how well that would be vs doIng it on a wizard? Or dagger rogue?

If the wizard have mana shield, tons of mp and regen, you’re most likely screwed.Unless you can deal more damage than how much he can regen or stun/silence him before he use mana shield.If he just stand still with his mana shield, try to get your twister to go his direction.As for dagger rogue, it really depends.If he blindstrike into you and stun or taunt you, good luck.You can win him if you can stun, taunt or silence him(Unless he’s freaking tanky).

1 shot deal 200k kill anything. if it hit ofcoz. lol.

Cronos I’m just trying to find something for PvE I have a set up for rogue just trying to find something fun for warrior or wizard

im sure u will find something fit your playstyle with discordance. wish there will be another mythic skill. technordance lololololol JK

Dagger rogue isnt too hard as long as you coat and shoot as soon as you see them, then you stealth and let bleed kill them

Or you use dagger and bomb. Blinkstrike to them and then use bomb secondary and they are blinded. With a mythic like rockblast or earthquake on your weapon you will oneshot most squishy targets.

That for PvE ? Shutnic just trying to find the most beneficial build for rogue but fun at the same time