How does Equivalence actually work

Question. How does equivalence actually works?
The codex says that it “averages hp and mp to the same value”

This is my hp and mp without the mythic:

This is after i equipped the gear with the mythic:

I am confused

Am i being scammed? Lol

That’s a bug. Normally it’s supposed to equal MP and HP by the highest value by 100%. It would make your HP 11k if your MP is 11k.

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This is the true result of equivalence. I had 160k HP gained from HP affixes and sets that multiply HP and equivalence also makes sure MP is the same value as HP. Essentially to force 100% equality and it goes great with Equality set.

Also for the damage reduction and resource cost. If you have full HP/MP at 100%, it’s gonna reduce DMG by 65% and resource cost reduced by 60% . Since it’s based on equality and that people need equivalence full to achieve the 65% damage reduction, I can safely assume that if you have missing HP% and MP%, your damage reduction is reduced in that regard.

That’s why builds like cronos Fortune Bringer had to use harmony + prayer back when prayer was OP to keep both MP/HP full for full 60% reduction.

In pvp, there are builds that work similarly on that principle where you hit the build but it keeps staying at full HP , although that can also be done by Alchemy Mythic but my bet is that it’s equivalence for high DMG reduction for the ‘immortal’ builds’ as well as every other possible damage reduction.


That’s a bummer… :frowning:

I am trying to make that fortune bringer build, for my wiz… guess i will have to stick to my rusting build :sweat_smile:

Btw thanks for the reply…


You’re welcome :wink: :slight_smile: :blush: :parrotdad: :parrotdad: :parrotdad: :parrotdad: .

Pardon for late question do you mean when you have 12M MP and you use Equivalence, it is also equaled MP = HP ? Or just HP = MP or Vice Versa?

HP= MP or MP=HP I’m pretty sure works the same on equivalence.

Since we cannot see the rest of the affixes, they probably are using Glasscannon and Empower. There is no bug with Equivalance.

If you use Equivalance, your HP = (Original HP + Original MP)/2 then reduced by Glasscannon/Empower.


wasn’t you using two resource systems at same time?

I guess its just HP = MP. I have Wizard with 12M Mana and then I use Equivalence but still Mana is still high from HP. No Barbarian, Glasscannon. Just Push the Limit.

As Clogon said… HP + MP /2

10000 HP + 12M Mana = 12.01M / 2 = 6.00M HP and MP? Is this right?

This was D.Q 2.5

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Oh. Forgot aout empower, ill try it again

Still the same… mp is higher than hp even when i changed amulet

Again, you are not showing your full equipment. Until you do no one can help you.

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BRUH hahahaa i never saw the glasscannon on my equivalence skull. It is now ok, working. Thank you all guys for responding :sweat_smile:

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