How does nadroji bonus work in PvE?


Hey im farming with an hireling. So heres my question: does both caracters need to have 2x nadroji set items equiped to get the 100% monster rarity or just the main char having 2 nadroji set items equiped will give me the 100%

if both char has 2x nadroji set items equiped, does the bonus becomes 200%?

Please lighten my way :slight_smile:

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You only need one nadroji bonus and I think it works when it is on the main character.

The 100% Nadroji Bonus does not stack with another 100% nadroji bonus. The other 100% bonus will will be wasted no matter if it comes from the main character with a 100% bonus or from the hireling.

I hope this helps.

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I agree with NUIQUE, but just to clarify, any and all Nadroji items are useless on a hireling. They do not work unless used on your main character.
Additionally, if using dungeon maps, I personally don’t believe it’s worth it to have Nadroji Bonus. You’re better off creating your own “bonus” by using Larimar and Diamond on your maps to increase % of Pack Size, Rare Enemies, Magic Enemies.



All i run when i farm is 120% pack and higher. Nadroji bonus gives me many blue and yellow monsters wich gives more legend and more gold. So i dont have to waste 30 seconde on every run to roll a pack size and a enemy rarity affixes on all maps. 30 second seems not ling but add that 30-40 times per each hours farming and i save significant time :slight_smile:



I can’t argue with that. Time is a key factor in farming. Wasting time perfecting the roll on your maps when you could be actually playing doesn’t seem like the best strategy.



Nadroji Bonus is very important for any Farm Build that wants any kind of better loot. it improves the chance for Normal monsters to Spawn as Magic or Rare Tier monsters. with Pack Size Maps, those Normal Packs of monsters will Spawn as Magic or Rare Tier Packs of monsters. looking at the Monster Spawn Feats, this means you will see Epic, Legend, and Mythic Tier monsters more often, and the awesome loot that they drop plus the rewards for finishing those Feats more often. this is one of the reasons that the Accomplished Feat is good for one of the first 3 choices for Feats, Fortunate and Dealer being the other two.

if you use Nadroji Bonus with the Pack Size, Magic & Rare + monsters Map Affixes, you can get a huge boost to the loot you find! also, for players leveling up their Characters to get to level 99 or for getting the Perks, it also means lots more Experience!



Fortunate, accomplished and dealer are definitely the best first perks.

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Farming char is 6 ascended