How does this guy shoot across the entire arena?

How does this guy shoot across the entire arena?

gun = ricochet

Shooting all over the arena but for me when i had rouge like that ai couldn’t hit anything.

as you can see in the screen shot the wizard got hit so the bullets ricochet and other bullet hit the wall

No the shots were coming from off screen straight across the arena, I only ran into it to show the distance the shots were travelling BEFORE ricocheting behind me too

because it is long range type try to observe the movement of each bullet

I did. If you look in the pic there are 4 bullets on my right that have travelled straight from off screen, didn’t ricochet, from the other side of my twister. Idk, I’ve fought other rogues and the shots didn’t get as far as those without changing directions. Just seemed exceptional, as there was no way to get him on screen at all without taking quite a few hits.
Gotta admit, not liking pvp so much, it seems to be stacked to favor those who have already been playing it a while. I’ve got a decent character, obviously with room to improve, but the last 5+ levels I have had to lose a lot just to gain levels, and mostly to opponents who one hit me through manashield that in campaign I have about 380k mana.

he has a high rebound chance and bullets ricochet through the walls of arena as well

Ricochet boost.

Guns by default have the longest range. This is intended as they do not seek. The bullets are spread out, deal low damage and are very inaccurate.