How function the affix "block"?

Its “block” all the damage like dodge chance right?

Yes, Its block all dmg

But i cant put it in my rogue right? The affix doesnt appears :frowning: i want to combine block whit dodge…

If you use obsidian gem Block only appears in OH weapon. Or you can farm crystal items with block on it like revenge helm, hammer gelid smasher, lederers lance, frost raven ring or rime shield.

Oh what a waste of obsidians i made xD… So btw i try to put it in a mirror, thanks!

You’re welcome.
I also lost a lot obsidian, until one day checking old topics on forum i learned Block only appears on OffHand weapon LoL.

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Block is also only rollable on warrior gear now and only on offhands so you will need too jasper your offhand too warrior and then try :smile:

If you jasper the rogue offhand too a warrior and then apply block you can then jasper it back too rogue and it will retain block :smile:

Yhea i noticed it when i send my mesage xDD
Nevermind thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

:+1: I wish you much luck with your obsidian rolls :smile:

I’m so envious of you guys. Wasting obsidians when I don’t even have one lol