How important is it to rush through each zone?

I’ve been reading through threads trying to learn things and see it often mentioned to rush through each zone. I know when pet hunting it’s important to kill enslavers fast for higher quality pets but is it also important to kill everything on floor fast?

Do you get higher quality drops killing things faster?

I ask because I take my time enjoying freezing and playing with the mobs and trying to avoid ever being hit with my 40% MS and Time Warp but if it means lesser quality drops I guess I’ll have to stop doing that.

The only thing I will add here as a cautionary note: The more enemies you spawn in the level (without defeating them) the more strain it puts on the game from a FPS perspective.

Some players talk about “zombie” monsters that never die, these happen because there are so many enemies spawned on the map that the underlying system cannot keep up with all of the damage across all of the spawned enemies.

The effect this has is different based on each device, some can handle a LOT of spawned enemies some cannot. This issue also gets compounded when using challenge maps with increased enemy pack size.


Rushing while monster boosted looking for pets is required but can overload the game mechanics. Otherwise just take your time.

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Thank you very much for the replies and info guys!

@Haunt All my characters are summoners using apocalypse mythic. If i have 2 characters farming the game often crashes because of all the summons and monsters :roll_eyes:

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Haha yea I can imagine. I’m going to soon be making a poison build and going to have summons on that so will probably be happening to me also. So far my phone handles large packs very well but it does slow down some if I get pack size maps and mobs coming from 3 directions at once at the intersections.

I’m glad to hear it’s best to take your time though because having to constantly rush would just stress me out lol

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@Haunt it depends on why you need to rush the map. looking for Pets or Legend/Eternal items, you just need to go to where the Enslaver or the Epic+ monsters are. taking Pack Size off of a map would help clear up lag problems, and making sure +Epic is on the map for more Epic monsters if that is what you are looking for.

another reason to rush a map is using a Poison Build with Plague Set or an Arcanist with Ascendant Sets to ‘tag’ the monsters along the way to the boss without killing them so you build up a HUGE damage boost to kill the boss, and then clean up the monsters afterwards.


Thank you @Golem I was just making sure I could take my time and not lose out on loot drops.

I have 50‰ MS and with Time Warp and 104% Freeze on my Wizard I play a game within the game where I don’t try to kill mobs right away. I like seeing how many I can have frozen at once or hide behind Time Warp and dodge etc. Makes Leveling slower but is much more fun for me by breaking up the monotony lol.

Thank you for the tip on poison. I am building a poison build and didn’t even think about that damage multiplier

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I like to take my time too, and because I am lazy, don’t want to rush through, and then have to come back for all the loot.

I have found one reason to rush maps, when maxing out the affix values on a Pet, just go for Enslaver and go to next map. I even ignored loot! wait, what is this coming out of my eye? :sob: ignoring loot sure is hard! :anguished: :persevere:

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Never ignore green loot :joy:

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